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What's available and what's not is a little confusing in this thread.

1) Adjustable camber plates for the stock suspension with stock springs are not available and you would not want them since they would raise the front end significantly (per email from Jay 2 months ago).

2) Fixed camber plates available from Dinan will work with stock suspension, but then you're stuck with just that, fixed camber. Adjustable is nice in that regard. You can dial up -2.5 or -3.0 degrees in your garage without needing an alignment for track use and then dial back to -1.5 without adverse effect.

3) Ground control sells a very nice adjustable suspension upgrade with street version camber plates for the E9x M3 with your choice of aftermarket springs but retains the stock shocks especially if you want to keep EDC.

So the question is is this new hybrid type adjustable camber plate available for the E9x M3 with or without the complete suspension kit (confirmed)?