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I'm not familiar with tuning the S65 but shouldn't the ECU reduce power when it detects misfiring etc. way before major engine damage occurs?
What gain did you get with this tune not adding gains from the exhaust and intake?
Also do those tunes remove those safeguards?

I did some crazy $hit to my N54,thank god! that limp mode was always there or maybe it's just because I wasn't talented enough to cause it to go kaputt, excuse my german.

Maybe your dealership has it hands tied by BMW ASIA.
I know people in the states, somewhere down south who had tunes yet the BMW dealership looked the other way and replaced their turbos and in another case a tranny.
The first case it was a doctor who purchased 5 BMW's over the years from that particular place which is about what you spent on one M3.

How much does it cost BMW to produce a S65 engine? i wouldn't be surprised if it was less than $15,000. And you spent how much on this car?

They also could've kept you happy by selling you a new engine at a major discount,if they wanted to help.

Next time get you a Porsche 911 and please no more tunes,maybe a good exhaust and intake.

God Bless!