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Originally Posted by boother View Post
Hey thanks for the reply. How would the sport/hfc combo sound compared to say just the race axle back? also would the sport/catless sound louder than the sport/hfc xpipe combo?
I wouldn't want to give you a wrong answer on this, since I haven't heard or experienced the sport/hfc combo. Yet I believe MrHarris' answer is valid.

Originally Posted by boother View Post
also, do you get pulled over a lot?
No, I don't get pulled over very much (knock on wood ). As long as you don't make it a habit of keeping the noise up & catching everyone's attention all the time, you should be ok. Although I've heard that the cops in California are more strict on the noise level, compared to the cops in Texas.

Overall, I think you're safe going for what you already ordered from Gintani. My set-up is way too intense, and I feel that most folks would not be able to tolerate it, even if the M3's going to be a weekend car.