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Paying $1,700 for a 2-yr extended maintenance plan is absolutely crazy. First of all, remember to read the fine print; I bet many things people assume they'd get are excluded. And second, even if it didn't, you can change rotors and pads yourself for way less. You'd have to drive the M3 to the ground to make up for it in oil and filter changes.

I'm paying my service now, and it's basically 2 oil changes a year, and an air filter (and maybe HVAC ones too) for my 4K miles per year. And that'd be the same if I was driving the car 15K per year too, since 'mid' oil changes are not covered by any maintenance program. So unless you need brakes, you're looking at basically $300 to drive your car 30K miles in 2 years. And even if you need brakes, they're not going to cost $1,400, especially if you change them yourself (like most of us would do). To each his own though.