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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
It's not that easy.... I cleared the codes, but didn't have enough time to drive the car enough to get all 6 sensors involved with emissions to pass a readiness test. As soon as you clear the codes all 6 monitors read not ready. You have to drive the car (for however many drive cycles I'm not sure) to get all monitors to be ready for test. They tried to hook me up and drive the car for 20 miles, which got 3 up, then shut the car off and started it again and got a 4th up. They even tried to hook it up to their computer to get the last two up, but it was a no go. No one at the dealership was sure why, they thought maybe it needs a cold start, meaning it would have to sit over night to get the last two emissions monitors ready for the readiness test which will get me by inspection.
OK, I didn't realize there was anything beyond clearing the codes. This stuff is so big brother.