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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
Regardless of how good the IS-F may or may not be, it is still a substitute product targeted at the BMW M3; someone who chooses the ISF over M3 will probably do so to save the $9k; I really doubt anyone will choose the ISF over the M3 because it is better than the M3 in any way. Lexus has come close, but so have many other manufacturers who have taken aim at the M3 for many years now. The fact is, that the M3 remains the King of its class, and to my knowledge, has not yet been toppled by the competition.

Personally, I drove the ISF, at Lindsay Lexus just like the OP. I thought it was an amazing car, until I drove the M3. Now that I have driven the M3 hard and on very challenging asphalt, it is my opinion that the M3 is a far superior performance coupe than the ISF.

Remember, the M3 chasis and engine is actually used to compete in professional motorsports; this is a fact and a true testament to the performance capability of the "m3 package"; we are talking about competitive racecars who use the actual m3 chassis and engine (less crank).

How many GT class racecars do you know of that use an ISF chassis? Engine?

Lexus ISF is a nice car and makes a great Gran Tourer. The M3 is in a different class.
are you kidding me?
The M3 is in a different class? king? what a joke...
it is better in track thats for sure. I agree...FACT!
but when i comes to relibility....ISF is far superior...FACT!
everthing else comes down to personal preference.
Yes, m3 is nicer in terms of performance,
but you cant say the M3 is in a different class...