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Originally Posted by 808E90 View Post
My E90 is my daily too ... My wife drives it a lot and she said the car feel smoother

Shieeeet ... I still haven't had a chance to mash it with the DSC off. Everytime the road is open I have someone in the car with me
it's amazing just how smooth it is! I took a friend with an M3 for a ride yesterday. There were very few gaps since it was lunch traffic, but I managed A 1-3 gears with DSC off and it just spins repeatedly all the way through. Ass was fish tailing like hell. Was great!!!

Needless to say, I got him to buy a kit!
This is definately the thing with this kit, you actually need to drive the car and experience the OEM quality, feel the donkey hoofing your ass really hard, and hear what it sounds like to really appreiate it.

No write up or picture shoot can equal this. If you have the money, and you se it in the flesh, game over