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Originally Posted by zibawal View Post
If you are BMWF customer they should offer you 0.0022 straight at least thats what I was offered from the book, but I compromised on my color/options, and decided 2010, as you could not beat MF of 0.00075(1.8%), $2500 rebate and a good deal discount on the price. and I want to buy the car laterz. 2011 has new back lights but no corona, halos in the front and i think, navigation was upgraded along with 7 series before 3 LCI 2011?

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There's a .0003 add on for ED -- probably because they pay the second month. That would account for a .0025, not a .0022. Was the .0022 for a 2011 car?

I did look at multiple SD's, because the ROI is pretty good. Not as good when factoring in the lease write off, but probably still worth while.