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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post

This is hilarious! The weld on the guys split exhaust tip broke (which is a cosmetic of the tip and has no function whatsoever!) and you're making it sound like the whole exhaust just fell apart. Besides, three members asked him for pictures and no picture has ever been posted. I'll believe when I see it!

BTW, how's the drone on your Eisenmann Race?? Probably more obnoxious and a lot louder than my quiet Meisterschaft at 120km/h and 3000K RPM.

Okay seriously, I'm going to stop now because I hate arguing with people behind a computer screen.
Actually my Eisenmann race doesn't drone at all. Maybe it's because I'm young or maybe your ears are more sensitive than mine? I've actually heard the tips are function and they help give the exhaust its sound, but what do I know, I'm not an engineer.

Originally Posted by RedlineMotorworks View Post
For the customer whose split tips fell off, GT Haus is actually repairing the system and shipping it back. I'm just stating the they are taking care of the issue since they do have a warranty that covers things like that and they actually do care about their customers.

Also, it's a shame that people are so quick to judge the quality and sound of a product without even hearing or seeing it. The quality of the Meisterschaft systems is truly top notch and the sound is wicked.

For those who have actually seen/heard it in person and truly don't like it, that's fine. It's your freedom to have an opinion. There just seems to be a lot of band wagoners jumping on because they are easily influenced by members who have more than 1000 posts.
Hm..let me guess. You're a vendor for Meisterschaft? Yup..I bet 100 bucks that GT Haus wouldn't have done shit if that guy hadn't posted up his bad experience with that company

Originally Posted by armorrig View Post
I'm not a fanboy. I just decided to get it over the other products because it was the right sound for me.
The exhaust does sound great.

Originally Posted by moog55 View Post
the whole eisenhaus debacle was reason enough for me to steer clear of any subsequent products, but that aside, it's very hard to ignore how incredibly sick the eisenmann race sounds.

here are slammedM3's videos from a couple of months ago that really capture its sonic beauty, especially the now classic video of him showcasing the exhaust in reverse. lmao!
SlammedM3 videos do portray how amazing the Eisenmann Race does sound
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