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Originally Posted by Ben335 View Post
The extenders don't work 100%. I know of several people that have tried them and eventually they still get a CEL. It is supposed to move the O2 sensors out of the stream of the exhaust and thereby tricking the ECU into not throwing a CEL. Doesn't work though. I wish Fabspeed and everyone else would just be honest about the CEL. I have their full setup and like the gains, it just rubs me that they promote it as not setting off a CEL.
Really?? Wow I didn't know other people got them yet still got a CEL. Oh I would surely demand a refund or some sort of compensation, that is completely unacceptable! I peronally have had no issues at all since they were put on, only ran the PC tune for about a month and have been on a stock file up untill last week. I have no personal gain by lying about my experience, I have no affiliation with Fabspeed or anyone in the automotive industry for that matter, but ofcourse you have the right to believe what you want. For all those people who are still having an issue, I hope you get it resolved.


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