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Originally Posted by saeedg48 View Post
as long as they didn't change the redline you should be fine. most dealers flash you back to stock with the latest ECU "fix" after any service.
Incorrect. Programming not done just because the dealership feels like it.

There are 4 parameters for programming a vehicle:
1. Part replacement (ex. replacing a nav drive requires programming to make it work)
2. Adding a part (ex. adding satellite radio to a car that didn't have it, requires programming to make it work)
3. PUMA authorization (techs are stuck on a problem.. and BMW authorizes programming)
4. Bulletin (programming is listed as a repair procedure or in conjunction with part replacement)

Routine services are not part of this list. Now, if you walk in and complain about bluetooth connectivity, and there is a bulletin or PUMA recommends programming, there is a chance the DME might get flashed. All of this depends on the current integration level.
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