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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
hmmmm, I will look into this. Thanks for the insight. I should pick some of this stuff up relatively well, I think for a while it is all about flexibility and stretches tho correct?
For me it was straight to punching and kicking on the first day. They paid a bit more attention to me since I was new, but other than that, there's little else.

I think most Muay Thai schools do three 3-min rounds or so of warm up. Jump rope, bouncing on a tire, shadow boxing...
Originally Posted by coh4777 View Post
Which of the workouts would you guys say has the least injury risk? Not to sound like a wuss, but I'd love to get into some MMA training but I can't afford to get myself injured.
Depends on the school. Like someone else said, some instructors/students are rough, others less so. Don't go training with the Diaz brothers.

We work pads a lot, so I haven't had more than a few bruises (from when people miss, which doesn't happen often) but I'm planning on moving up to the next level, where you spar with others in the ring. Yay!
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If you want workout without injury than go to the gym for weight training / cardio exercises / core work outs etc etc
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Just watch the Bas Rutten videos for bar fights
Indispensable advice.