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Originally Posted by esmith102103 View Post
I want to know what everyone thinks of this deal.

2010 M3 Coupe
MSRP: $75,155
Residual : 49%
Money Factor: .00075
Cash Cap Reduction: $2,983.96 (I donít know why I got this)
Rebate: $2,500.00
Money Down (after below fees): $2,458.52

Iím putting 5K down, which cover month one, some fees:

Acquisition: $925
Documentation: $354
License: $255
1st month: $1,007.48
Total Fees: $2,541.48

The rest of the 5k ($2,458.52) is going to be the down payment.

My adjusted cap cost should be $67,212,52 ($75,155 - $2,500 - $2,983.95 - $2,451.48). But on the lease information sheet my dealer put $67,941.04. I donít know where the extra $728.52 is coming from. Any ideas?

Anyways, at the adjusted cap cost of $67,941.04, here is my lease rate:

Base: $942.89
Taxes: $64.59
Total: $1,007.48.

It seems like a great deal. Any room for improvement? I have yet to negotiate. But it seems like the salesman has done just about everything possible to get the price down.

Thanks for your input.
Its a good deal, not excellent.

12k , 10k or 15k miles a year? 36month lease?

For comparison, I got my 2010 74k MSRP for $999 a moth, thats with $3000 DRIVE off.
36mo, 10k a year. I put an additonal 7 MSD's and got it down to $949 a month.