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Latest Firmware Update- I have shift lights again and more!!

Since my car was updated almost a year ago, I have had the shift lights go off every time I turned off the car. It required a manual reset every restart- a royal PITA. Apparently this was a problem with non I-Drive DCT cars.

Well, I just picked my car up from service today, and a complete flash of the firmware was done and the shift lights are on permanently. The good news doesn't end there though, although it has only been a couple of short drives I have noticed the following improvements:

1. S4 mode is more direct- the extreme and sometimes annoying 'power pulse' on upshift is replaced what feels like an almost perfect gear change- yes it still has a little bit of a pulse at upper RPM's but very slight and not like before where it was enough to get the back end out of shape. The best news at partial throttle up shifts at 4-5K the shift is smooth like S3- very nice, almost the perfect mode now with double clutch downshifts and smooth upshifts when cruising and crisp upshifts at full throttle. I like!

2. The slow speed start assist has been 'tamed'. After the last firmware update a year ago, it seemed the start assist would be too aggressive in stop and go traffic or just coming to a slow stop. The old firmware would hold a higher RPM, like 1.5K or so and make a smooth stop difficult. I felt like this was a way to combat the lag issue- keep it in gear and keep the RPM's up so there was no lag if you decided not to stop and re accelerate. Now, it behaves much better, slow stops are close to normal with no higher revs and a smooth start much easier because the revs aren't up and it seems the car releases the gear as you come to a complete stop- much improved!
(FYI- I never had lag and rarely run D modes).

3. Can't confirm this 100%, but the cold start seems to be better. Before, even after just a few minutes the car would take a minute to settle into a smooth idle on a cold start. So far not noticing that anymore, but we'll see in the morning...

So far, so good. Not sure how I lost my voice name memory, but still have all my radio and XM stations programmed, but oh well!

Last but not least, I don't have the version, my dealer does not give out that information- Sorry. I will say that the firmware update was done specifically to address my shift light issue and the fact my radio had locked up a couple times. Not for the DCT.

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