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That's a difficult call......Bahrain could try and sell it to another customer? That customer would of course have to be OK with the way you have it optioned, but the incentive would be that the car is available for immediate deliver. Not sure if this is an option though.

On another note, don't listen to those critical of deployment location. A deployment is a deployment. Just because you're not living under canvas doesn't mean your not deployed. The threat can be something different entirely

A good friend of mine was 'deployed' to Israel. He provided security for, let's just say State Dept people doing source visits in many locations. Sure he lived in great hotels for about half of the time, but he ventured into harm's way daily....more often than probably 80% of those in Iraq. Not a knock on those in Iraq, just making a point about Israel not being a 'real' deployment. I guess its all in how you look at it

Anyway, apologize for the thread jack. I'm gonna ask a guy I know that sold for pentagon and see what his take is. Maybe you have some options. Good luck.