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Provide best exhaust setup in this order: 1.Minimum Drone 2.Power 3.Sound 4.Price

Hey fellas,

While I donít have the car in possession yet, it doesnít hurt to start inquiring now. Some time in the next 6-12 months, Iíll be looking for an x pipe, exhaust and tune. With so many combinations, itís no surprise there are countless threads and videos on this topic. Everyone has their own preference, so I thought I would chime in with what info I have gathered and some general questions. ANY input is always appreciated.

Here is my order of preference in an exhaust set up:

1. Minimum drone/interior noise. My Grand National days are long behind me. Now that Iím 39 and using this car as a DD, I need to hear myself think. I understand that when going with whatever combo outside of OEM, you will get a louder db in the cabin. I accept that, but Iím willing to sacrifice a couple of ponies and an amplified exhaust note to hear the radio without turning it up more than half way (With the windows up). By the way. When I stomp on it, interior noise is not a factor. Iím talking about normal city and highway cruising.

2. Power. If Iím shelling out $5,000 - $6,000+ on this combo, I better feel it! Itís frustrating knowing you can spend $600 for a tune on a 335i and get more horsepower and torque than spending 8-10 times more on an M3 exhaust AND tune combo. Not starting a flame war. Already had a 335i and well aware that the M is not about light to light. My point is, for a naturally aspirated motor, any gain in horsepower/torque is precious. Itís imperative that I can maximize my gains with the best combo (and still hear myself think).

3. Exhaust note. Iíve watched and heard the videos, and I am impressed with many combos. I prefer a more exotic sound as opposed to a throaty V8 muscle car sound. My main concern, however, is an exhaust with minimal or no raspiness.

4. Price. As I mentioned earlier. $5,000 - $6,000+ seems like your typical range out there for an x pipe, exhaust and tune. I will spend in the higher range if I can get the best combo.


So with this order of preference, what do you think is the best combo?

Here are some that I think would be considered. If I missed something, let me know.

Dinan mid pipe with the following exhausts:

Dinan OR
Eisenmann Sport OR
Active Autowerke

Also considering the Akrapovic Evolution system

Are there other mid pipes (other than Dinan) that would offer stellar performance when combined with Akrapovic, Dinan, Eisenmann Sport or Active Autowerke? Whatever it is, how much more drone/cabin noise is there compared to a Dinan mid pipe?

I noticed some threads where members want to retain at least one set of cats as opposed to resonators. Why? CEL issue? Perhaps not a concern if getting a tune? The Dinan mid pipe has 4 resonators and no cats while the Akrapovic has 2 resonators and 2 cats. So can I assume that the Dinan (everything else being equal) will put out a greater power increase AND lower interior cabin noise since the resonators are made to decrease sound?

Speaking of Akrapovic Evolution vs. Dinan full set up. Can anyone tell me if they heard both in person? What is the difference in drone/interior noise? If not much, I would lean toward Akrapovic. Love the sound and performance gains seem real. What about mixing and matching? Dinan mid pipe with Akrapovic slip on? Is it worth the trouble or just stick with a full Akropovic?

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure questions will arise with your responses. Thank you for your feedback.