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Originally Posted by J. Diddy View Post
I ran into that "some say" guy at a rave in DC a few months ago (he had a t-shirt with his car on it and he was like bent over the side of it - pretty cool shirt). All I can say is that guy put glow sticks in places I've never seen them before and he kept blowing his whistle non-stop.

Actually, had two whistles - one was like a dog whistle and it was pretty damn funny. This rave was actually put on by a bunch of deaf people (they like the house music because they can fell the thump-a-bump-bump of the base) and when ever he'd toot this dog whistle, half of them would drop limp to the floor, curl up in the fetal position, grab their ears and start convulsing. Turns out their miracle ears picked up this whistle and amplified and about blew off their retarded ears.

My hands and jaw were hurting for a good week after that party. Good times, DC.
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