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Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post

...After my 20 years of martial arts are correct! MMA is BS in the street or a bar. What are you going to do in a bar...take me down and put me in the guard while my friend breaks a Bacardi bottle over your head? Not quite. MMA works best in arranged matches with rules. Real martial arts work best in quick, reactionary scenarios where there is a definitive attacker and a definitive defender.
Again, here is what you wrote..

and again, this makes no sense. Have you trained MMA? MMA is a mixture of martial arts. I don't know why you think MMA means going to the ground. that would be BJJ.

so once again. MMA is a mix of standup and ground styles.

If you trained MMA and it was all ground work , then go somewhere else.
Most places that have MMA, train BJJ, Boxing, judo, etc. so AGAIN it is a mix of fighting styles, which would be way better then any ONE style, period.

if you have been traiining for 20+ years. you have been sheltered and you are to hung up on the one style you train.. expand brother.