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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
but I do know that for those going to SC to pick up their BMWs that they have on order, it's usually a few weeks later than if they just picked up their car at the dealer.
According to my Sales Adviser (who I'm convinced knows jack s$#%) the PC gets priority, now I don't honestly believe this, but...

The PC will give you a date (if you have a good SA, they'll advise you of it... I had to call the PC to get mine)... The minute your auto is on the boat, call the PC and ask/demand an earlier date. I did this and got my date bumped up 10days closer. From what I have gathered, the PC/dealer really has no firm idea when your vehicle will arrive CONUS until it is actually on the ship, the PC also has a limited # of slots - so you may be delayed. Stay proactive and stay on their arse.

One thing I have learn from this whole process (other than my dealership sucks and I could have gotten a better deal/better CS elsewhere) is to stay proactive.

ETA: I'm most positive you can call them and say "I'm off xx/xx/xx- xx/xx/xx, when can I get a date?) I think I read someplace that you had 2wks to get your vehicle once delivered to the PC.