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car is being delivered to the states.

Dave at superior motors is who I have been dealing with. His first response was to have me get the check reissued and that he and bmw have held up their end of the deal and because of this they would not refund my money. I emailed him back explaining how I had paid him much more than even the required deposit out of good faith and because the rest of the balance was in transit. he then responded asking me to get the check reissued and if it wasnt possible then he would talk to the factory.

I can't see how they could possibly not refund my money. Being that they represent BMW as a MILITARY sales component I dont know how they could deny me this. Dont cars get reallocated all the time?

I also asked about possibly getting the car shipped to Israel which is where I am deploying to... anyone have a car delivered there before? I was hoping to be able to drive it while I am over there and then have it shipped back to the states. That would be awesome! might save me on tax too... thoughts?