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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
Ok cool!
I am 29 and I have had 3 local businesses open up within a 2 mile radius of my house; Karate, BJJ and TKD / Kung Fu. I am really interested in taking some lessons. I am mostly interested in BJJ as every match I see on UFC it seems as the the BJJ guy has a lil bit of a one up on his opponent. I am not looking to compete at my age, but mainly want to use this as a good past time that will keep me in shape as I have gained a good 10 lbs over the past 2-3 years and need something to get my heart rate going again. I sit in an office for 50+ hrs a week and could use the conditioning. What would you guys say will get me the best conditioning?
Thanks in advance
I've done BJJ and Muay Thai. BJJ is great and some of the moves are amazing, but I still prefer Muay Thai. I'd also recommend it over BJJ in terms of exercise benefits.