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Engines were in every corner of the garage.

Wire harnesses galore.

This is a place that is very peaceful. The sunlight streaming into the backyard that day in September was warm, bees were buzzing about, birds were chirping and singing their lovely melodies and there were tons of old BMWs having a fantastic retirement in such a tranquil place.

Where there are radiators, there are radiator fans.

Exhausts and front clips with Mother Nature showing german steel who's boss.

The way some of these piles were laid out created some amazing symmetry. My eyes get lost in the sea of doors.

There were exhaust manifolds and there was Rod Chong getting giddy over so much BMWness.

This BMW 700 has definitely seen better days.

A BMW 1800.

When enough years pass by, Mother Nature starts to take over everything. Inside this car, the seats lost most of its fabric, a whole multitude of bugs made it their home, and there was an old nest of some sort in the trunk.

I just love early 2002s because of how the taillights were designed.

I absolutely love this teal colored 2002.

Who would love to have this 3.0 CSL door hanging in their room. I would!

Just like people, cars get old and tired. There comes a day that we have to just pull the plug on them and send them to the crusher. But if I was an old BMW looking for a good retirement and a place to peacefully be laid to rest, Strictly German in Braselton, Georgia is a perfect place to do so.
You know what? I just personified cars again. I'll have to keep telling myself that these cars are just hunks of metal... they're just hunks of metal... they're just hunks of lovely, gorgeously sculpted steel from the Bavarian Motor Works. That's all.