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This 1600 chassis would be a great start to a weekend racer build.

There are a lot of spots where the owner seems like he's completely forgotten about certain areas of his expansive yard and has let nature run its course. The overgrowth on rusted old BMW parts is a great reminder to us gear heads that that are just hunks if metal and that our love and passion for these hunks of metal is finite.

There are BMW parts everywhere throughout the complex. Every bit of space available has been filled up with something BMW related....

E36 on the left getting dismantled on the left frame and more modern BMW bumpers on the right frame.

This 318 with m3 engine swap is owned by one of the employees working at Strictly German. The guys that work here take apart cars themselves and sell the parts on the Strictly German eBay store. Each employee gets a very, very good percentage of the money that they make from their online transactions. Bobby mentioned to us that this 318 owner has just been able to buy a house with the money he's made from selling parts online alone!
That's an extremely good incentive to get up every morning and take apart BMWs to me! It's safe to say that the owner treats his employees very well.

This E9 2800cs was in the process of being restored for one of their customers. What a beautiful job so far....

An E21 with Aplina wheels.

Here's something really cool. This is an E30 wagon with E30 M3 fender flares! I'm sure the final result will look fantastic!

Here's an E30 up on the lift in the process of getting completely dismantled.

When I mentioned every imaginable BMW part was around the complex, I meant it. This is a whole garage full of various BMW engines. Who's nerdy enough to be able to point out some specific and notable engines?

A wrecked E36 getting dismantled for parts.