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Some parts were just strewn about where others, like these fenders still with their paint, were stacked into neat and orderly rows.

Various plastic bits.

A whole pile of radiator hoses. Good luck to those that need a specific type of hose for their specific BMW model!

Here's a bunch of bumpers which used to belong to the more modern BMW models.

There wasn't just a plethora of BMW parts strewn about, but Strictly German's chassis collection was astonishing and quite extensive. Take these early 2002s for example. The teal colored one I was especially drawn to. I loved how it has been sitting in that very spot for what seems like years, and nature was finally starting to take over.
If I would just love to take home that teal 2002 and rebuild the engine, reupholster the interior, leave the exterior as is and drop it to the floor. Drool....

Here's a BMW 700 peeking out from under the covers.

Another early 2002 chassis with what looks like a fairly clean body over all. Nothing a bit tender loving care can't fix, right?

This is a great example of a clean and well kept 3.0cs.

Another shot of the 3.0cs and a completely rusted hood with somewhat shiny all silver BMW badge on it. The contrast of this place is just fantastic.

Here's late model 2002 just falling to pieces. The decrepited nature of this place definitely adds to its overall aura.