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A place where BMWs are laid to rest (images)

Back in September, while the Speedhunters team was at Road Atlanta covering the Petit Le Mans, we heard whispers of a place that is filled with old BMWs. Hearing of such things sparked our interests, so we investigated and found that there was a BMW graveyard not too far from the track of Road Atlanta itself! There was no debating, we had to go and check it out.
As enthusiasts, we personify cars as much as we can. Some of us give our cars names. A great many of us lust after cars like we would lust after a beautiful woman. We some all somehow make an emotional connection to these lumps of steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber as we would a best friend or even a lover. Certain cars make us laugh, others are serious businessmen, and others are like that decades old friend that is always there for you. I think its pretty safe to say that we are all guilty of assigning these four-wheeled-hunks-of-metal souls and we tend to forget that they're just that: hunks of steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber.
As Rod and I parked our car, we were greeted by this weathered looking man, Bobby Thrash. He's the owner of Strictly German, a shop that has anything BMW --anything and everything. It must take some unbridled amount of love and adoration for the Bavarian Motor Works company to have a business to only serve to that brand!

As we started looking around, our eyes went into overtime as it tried to take in everything all at once: rows upon rows of BMW parts. It seemed nearly endless!

There were tons of spare body parts, like the E30 trunks.

A mountain of spare fenders from various models. I'm sure the Hoodride/rat crowd would love to get their hands on some of these parts!