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* RECOMMEND IT * I have the same setup you mentioned, Eisenmann connecting pipes + Remus Race exhaust. Sounds awesome - sweet DEEP bass, not "tinny" or whining sound. It also looks great - the diameter of the pipes, the angled tips (which for some reason don't seem to cake with black soot like my stock exhaust tips) and the fact that the individual mufflers do "disappear" up under the car. I've had it on for about a month. Bottom line, it's a head turner. I'm not a "look at me in my $130K Porsche" kind of guy - I drive the ///M3 to haul @$$ on the autobahn, but I'm getting used to the attention. It does drone at low RPMs, but that mostly disappears as the engine and exhaust warm up. My problem is I'm DCT and I keep the car in automatic 99% of the time, with the DSC on. Even in shift mode 5, with the power set to sport plus, the car shifts up pretty fast if you're not stomping the gas pedal, so you end up in 5th or 6th gear, doing 35-40 MPH at 2000 RPM... which equals drone range. So if you're 6MT or prefer DCT with manual shift, you'll be able to keep the RPM up enough to avoid most of the drone. The drone lessens as the car / exhaust warms up. It's also noticeable at start at around 2000 - 2200 RPM. For the first few days, I wondered if maybe I should have went with the Remus Sport version. Finally, I got my girlfriend to do a couple of fly-byes and D@MN !! I'm 100% in love with no reservations - I could really hear why people were literally stopping to stare. This car is my daily driver from early Spring to the middle of Fall. I take my 2 youngins to daycare everyday and they don't seem to mind. The youngest sleeps, the older one gets excited when I get on the gas. I also have the aFe air intake upgrade and that is LOUD compared to the stock intake. That was unexpected so it took some getting used to as compared to knowing that the exhaust was going to add to cabin noise.

I'm not familiar with the Agency Power exhaust, but short of the Akrapovic (sticker shock) exhaust, I would recommend the Remus Race over everything else I've seen and heard.


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