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Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
A 6 point harness is not made for a hacked install into our folding OEM seat unless it's been designed for it. You used the word "rigged" correctly.

Call Schroth, Willans etc. and tell them you want to install a race harness into one of our pivot back seats with no provisions for belt openings at the seat, bolsters or shoulders, also having to cut the bottom out for a anti-sub and somehow hack a anti-sub bar or drill thru the body and see what they say?

You can't get the required angles, <20 from horizontal, for shoulder straps and running them thru the headrest is a total hack, clearly, you need a harness bar at the very least. Not to mention the risk of a harness holding the driver upright in a roll over onto a crushed roof without a roll bar or cage.

That's why the Schroth quick fit is a real solution, albeit one with compromises but they've engineering a system, not tried to mate two things that are genetically incompatible. I've seen crazy hacked "safety" items in ricer cars, forgive the term, and they're scary. I get the desire to have a harness hold the driver in place, it'll drop your lap times instantly.

Just because you've "sold and installed" stuff doesn't mean it's anything close to correct or safe. I've set up 4 racecars but not an expert.

It's one thing to argue about what color halos are the best, another to throw out things that put people at risk. The OEM safety systems in our cars are amazing, when you jack with it, do it with careful consideration, unless it's just about looking the part of a "racecar", then have at it.

From Schroth's sales info:
+1000 and I will also add that the certification Schroth received on the E36/46 required extensive testing, and the design itself was crash tested several times with an airbag equipped car - more than just engineered.