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Man, you're nuts... in a good way . How much did you end up paying for all that crap? I actually like my '08 iDrive better, but obviously I don't care having a full screen video, reverse camera (have PDC), a HDD (a USB stick -and the CD slot- is enough for me), or voice recognition (in case it's better). My question for you, since you're intimately familiar with both iDrives, is this:
What are the differences (other than interface with more buttons -which I don't like) between the 2? I drove a couple of M3s with the newer iDrive and all menus and options seemed to be there. Only difference I learned a few weeks ago was that '09 iDrive has a night mode, and '08 doesn't (at least I couldn't find it ), but don't care about that either. Anything else? Thx.