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ordered a car and not getting deployed again ugh! help!

So, here is the deal guys:

Ordered a 2011 m3 a few months back while I was overseas. The check was sent three weeks ago to superior motors in bahrain who run the bmw military sales. It was sent through military mail so for some reason the check still hasnt arrived there. I call USAA (who is doing my financing) and they say they can cancel the first check and resend another one. Today, I get orders deploying me for another five months. This means I won't even be here when the car arrives now possibly! Now, I have a real problem. Do I:

A) resend another check with the hopes that it gets there fine this time and the hopes that the car gets here before I leave

B) Resend another check and try to have someone else pick it up for me because I will be gone.... has anyone done this?

C) cancel the whole thing and hope I get my down payment back. Is this even possible? The vehicle has already been built and is just waiting on payment to be shipped... also, will they refund my down payment?

Any help would be really appreciated guys as I am dying over here! been waiting on this car for months now and now this happens!! ugh!