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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
I may be one of the only Cleveland fans to say I like the teams they'll have to beat to reach the finals.

Last year almost seemed too easy with 2 sweeps in a row. Kinda like they were being given it on a silver platter and then Orlando rained on their unpreparred parade. The teams before Orlando were too soft and didn't give the Cavs much pressure.

This year having to face a decent Bulls teams, likely Boston and then Orlando. They'll have to stay up on their game throughout the playoff and not just turn it on in the Championship round. I think these matchup will only make the Cavs stronger now that they are going to have to fight through every round and not just one.

As a Cleveland fan, I'm glad they lost. I don't want them to run through the first 2 rounds with no competition like last year, made them unprepared for Orlando. So good job Chicago, be ready to get raped next game.

I love it how Noah gets boo'ed in Cleveland, it cracks me up...Ohio State fans don't forget that national championship loss a few years ago...