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Am not going to do that, but a relevant question for those with EDC: How do you remove all that EDC crap on top of the strut to get to the center nut?
By the way, if you only remove the top bolt, like to swing the strut out to change the fender liner (done to my car on passenger side), alignment doesn't seem to change since both front axles were identical. I checked it anyway, and had dealer adjust to minimum specs, but they left all adjustments all over the place within spec, saying specs are too tight, and couldn't do it. Seems to me the tech was a clown, since I've read people mentioning they had adjusted toe-in to zero, like I wanted. Oh well. Dealer charged me $149, by the way. But yeah, messing with the lower bolts warrants an alignment for sure IMO. I posted the specs somewhere, in case some of you want to go to an independent shop. Only adjustment not specified was caster; probably because it can't be adjusted.