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Originally Posted by EJ_92606 View Post
Just let them run a credit check on you...they just want to be sure they aren't dealing with a scam artist. Once that's done, most dealers will let you drive off with even just a personal check or your word that you will bring the bank loan check in the next few days.
That's the problem...I don't trust them with my information. Anyone who has had their identity stolen knows how bad of an idea it is to give that info to anyone you don't absolutely have to. Since they are neither loaning me money, nor paying me wages, they have no business knowing my SSN and other financial info. I would rather not even give it to banks, but I know that banks have very strict guidelines to protect that information. I would not expect a car dealer to have such strict guidelines on storage of sensitive data.

As for figuring out if I am a scam artist, it doesn't seem like it would be their problem if I am. If the bank sends a legitimate cashier's check for a legitimate loan, it is the bank that loses if I was not who I claimed. All the dealership need do is call the bank to verify it is not a fake check.

My bank loan officer is now discussing the matter with them, so I hope he can get it straightened out and find some way to get everyone what they want. If not, I am getting more and more inclined to walk away from the deal. I could give up the $3k down payment if need be, and get a 2010 for invoice - 2500 instead of the 2500 over invoice I paid for this one. Or better yet, go to a dealer willing to let me do ED on a 2011 and save even more.