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individual program... a no go

Originally Posted by The CSL View Post
Laguna Seca Blue and if they don't have it, I'll get mine done by Individual. That colour with the matching seats rocks. Hard.
unfortunately BMWNA doesn't offer the individual program for any car other than the 7 series right now. they discontinued the program in the US quite some time ago, citing that the unique combinations dont hold value well and drive down bmw's depreciation stats here, particularly for leases. this is all information straight from the horses mouth that i gleaned in a 3 month fight i had with BMWNA on this issue when i was considering buying the m6. ultimately its the reason i didn't purchase that car.

the short of it is that the only way US residents can get individualized colors on non-7-series models would be through BMW's diplomatic program, their military program, or their corporate order program, which is an overwhelming minority of people.

its another unacceptable example of the disparity of BMW quality here in the states compared to in the EU. rumor has it that bmw might be reintroducing the individual program in NA for its full line of cars down the line soon, and that the 7-only individual program is bmw's attempt to slowly roll the program back out stateside. but for the time being we don't have it, and we definitely won't have it for the m3's first year of production.

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