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Originally Posted by MNm3 View Post
Dilema here. I want aftermarket exhaust but I think the Eisenmann sport and the Dinan are a little on the quiet side... doesn't really get the juices flowing much more than stock...while the Eisenmann race or AA (without going too loud) definitely do the trick.

My M3 is my daily driver, if it wasn't I'd probably just put pipes straight off the head... ... but getting serious, I have some questions that need opinion or answers:
  • With Einsenmann Race or AA, can one still utilize the bluetooth and/or voice command features without too much interference from the exhaust sound under normal driving conditions? Yes, but some people think that these exhausts are too much for a daily drivers, others don't
  • Dinan has a 20% off sale on all products, including exhaust making the price attractive. What are people's opinions about that system? Dinan makes a great exhaust system, but they have a tendency to mark up prices when they offer these 20% incentives and sometimes they fail to deliver the exhaust in a timely PunjabiM3
  • Does adding connecting pipes add any volume, ex: Eisenmann sport with connecting pipes, is it louder than just the sport with stock pipes?...Dumb Question? I don't know. Adding connecting pipes doesn't increase volume.

I've heard and looked at all the video comparisons, but as we all know, a video doesn't always do an exhaust system justice one way or the other.

Any feedback on the above would be great. Thanks
You're best bet is to post in the regional section and ask people around your area if they have aftermarket exhausts. Good luck!
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