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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post

Overall, religion needs to stay out of politics and people should not give a crap if the president, senator, representative, etc is Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. All they should care about is if they can run the country competently.

I grow tired of people saying things like "He's Muslim!"

Too many people care about shallow things with big public figures. I mean I can't tell you how many times I've heard people emphasize the "Hussein" part in his middle name on purpose to try and make him sound evil or something. It's just plain retarded.

What matters is how they run a country, as you said. But hey, the media caters to shallow viewers, and real, in-depth issues that matter just doesn't make money. Just take a look at how much money programs like E! generate. In fact, not too long ago, my sister was watching some E! type show. They were doing a "year in-review" thing of Obama and what he accomplished. Here is what they said that he accomplished thus far:

1. Swatted a fly out of mid-air with his hand
2. Held a "beer summit"
3. Bought a burger at a regular restaurant
4. Wielded a plastic lightsaber

And they ended with "...and that's what Obama has accomplished in his presidency so far." God, I hate the media so so much. Real issues in America just don't matter to people anymore, I guess.