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Assuming you can get the car to sell @ invoice ~ $65k, there's a $2,500 finance credit which makes the car ~$62k. To calculate lease payment, use 12k/mi for 3 years, 49% residual with a money factor of 0.00125. This will get you a monthly payment of ~$900/mo tax excluded.

I assume your monthly payment does not include tax?

If so, you can see there's a $100 diff a month. For 3 years that's $3,600.

Now, if you also use multiple security deposits, with 7 deposits for $1000 per for a total of ~$7000, you can bring down the MF by another 0.00049, which gives you a final MF of .00076. With this MF, you will be down to ~$860/mo.

So, the most important factor is again your negotiated selling price. Get it down to ~invoice and you will get a great deal.