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Originally Posted by Weaselboy View Post
On PS3 you do not get points if you die.
Ah, a bunch of people are complaining about it so hopefully they fix it.

Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
The hit detection in this game is horrible. It may be due to lag, but I hate holding the trigger nearly point-blank and having my opponent cap me w/ a 1911.
Even some of the enviromental stuff is larger then it looks, like when you are trying to shoot over a rock. Even though someone is clearly visible it will still hit the invisible part of the rock, once time I called a mortar stirke through a bush and it landed right on tip of me :/.

Originally Posted by ben14142001 View Post
Just picked up the game a couple days back. It's interesting. Lots of fun. Takes a while to get used to from MW2. Definitely some things I would change too.
You'll have way more fun with this than mw2 lol.