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Originally Posted by BOOST3D View Post
Fact: In June, 2007, then Presidential candidate Obama declared that America was no longer a Christian nation.

Fact: During his campaign for the Presidency, Obama left his Christian church because he had issues with the pastor.
Fact #1: I agree with that. We are not a Christian nation. We do not have an official religion. While the majority of people are christians, we should not officially call ourselves a Christian nation.

Fact #2: He left his church because of the pastor saying hate speech about whites. If he continued to stay with the church, then that would have harmed his election chances with people thinking he supports what the pastor has said. He didn't leave due to religious reasons over the pastor.

He didn't cancel the 21st annual national day of prayer. He just didn't hold a ceremony.

Overall, religion needs to stay out of politics and people should not give a crap if the president, senator, representative, etc is Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. All they should care about is if they can run the country competently.