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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Hey man, before anything else, it seems to me you don't have experience doing this, and I don't want you to have an accident because you did something wrong. Bleeding brakes is easy, but you need to know what you're doing. How about starting a thread in the regional forum and invite to your house other forum members with brake bleeding experience for a 'tech daze'? BMW bikers do this all the time. Say pizza is on you and I bet at least one member will sign up. Just want you safe buddy .

Having said that, you have to watch reservoir fluid level regardless of method, and don't let it get below MIN, which is right at the bottom of the screen insert (nice 'feature'). And no, no need to remove that screen (you'd destroy it anyway).
After you suck all the old fluid you can (down to the MIN level, as mentioned), add new fluid to the top and you can start bleeding from the calipers (RR, RL, FR, FL) by vacuum or pressure while watching fluid level. With the first caliper (RR), suck the reservoir to MIN, close valve, fill it up again, and suck some more before moving on to the next. Reason is first fill-up will have about 1/4 of dirty fluid mixed in. That's why I like to change fluid early, before it's too nasty. I usually change it every year; it's only $10, plus you get to check and clean everything around. Good luck.

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