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Originally Posted by alienmeister View Post
Since the current 335i weighs 3582 lbs. I say 3600-3699 unless they do some kind of weight reduction thing.
Way to havy, the only thing that can make the upcomming M3 the best off all the competition, is weight loss.
The amount off HP will be more or less the same ( apr 400 HP minimum- 450HP maximum) in comparison with direct competitors. So the weight will be conclusive.
It wouldn`t surprise me that the weight of the new M3 is around that of the E46 M3. If it is too havy, what would be the point off bringing out a new M3? The weight/HP ratio would be worse, now that is not a verry bright thing to do IMO, you come up with a new car, so it must have a better weight/HP ratio than it`s predecessor.