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Originally Posted by dr.jay View Post
You liked Lloyd better? That guy was the biggest fucking underachiever ever. The amount of talent that played in his tenure and only one National Championship?? A shared one at that.....Fuck him, this year WILL be different, I'm calling 8 wins at the very least. RichRod isnt going anywhere and why would he? So we can go back to square one, he finally has his type of players and they are getting some experience. Watch out for Devin Gardner next year if not this year, kid is legit.
Yeah I liked Lloyd better. But that's mainly because he ran a real system. He was too conservative until he reached the point when he knew that he was leaving, when he un-clenched his anoos a bit and grew some balls. It seemed to do the team some good, and proved that he could have done a lot better if he wasn't the modern-day football version of Rush Limbaugh.

The worst thing about Rich Rodriguez is the absolute drama and disgrace that he's brought the program off the field. That, coupled with a system that not only can't win, but also can't produce the caliber of NFL players that Lloyd did, is enough for me to judge Dick as a complete bag of ass.

I agree that Devin Gardner is talented. But Michigan needs coaches that don't get beat in the locker room at halftime. They need coaches that can do more than scratch their heads after each collapse and determine it was either a freak occurrence or because of the apparently bare cupboard Lloyd left....

How can you predict 8 wins on a team that has actually regressed in the past year, and has also lost all of the defensive talent on a squad that was already worthless as a whole? When they suck again this year, is it going to be another "learning the system" excuse for Dick Rod? Conveniently, they've decided to try the 3-3-5. Opens up another avenue for scapegoating. It's not the system, it's not the players, it's not the school. It's the absolute shit staff. Period. I am not donating another cent to my school until they get smart and get rid of that (not only) loser, (but also) disgrace of a staff.