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Originally Posted by asheesh88 View Post

any updates on this front plate law? I visited the ilga site, and it says something cryptic....

'3/15/2010 House Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee '

Not sure what is going on.


As one who works in legislative matters, I can explain it to you.

1) It says the bill was referred to the Illinois House Rules Committee. It must be endorsed (with a majority of the votes of Committee members) by the Rules Committee. It could simply die there if the Rules Committee decides to take no action, or if it gets a down vote.

2) If it passes the Rules Committee, it is referred to the full House for action. It could also die there with or without a vote.

3) If it passes the House, it would go to the Illinois Senate where a similar process to both steps above would have to take place. Even if it has passed the House, the Senate may take no action on the bill before the end of their session.

4) If it passes both House and Senate, it would go to the Governor for either his signature, in which case it would become law, or the Govenor could veto the bill.

5) If the Governor vetoes the bill, the House or Senate could override the veto with a 2/3rds vote majority.

In other words, it faces a number of hurdles to clear before it can become law. Just FYI, similar bills have died in many states because this simply isn't an issue that gets very many people excited, other than a relatively few car freaks.

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