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Originally Posted by M3V8Driver View Post
How's this for logic... program the DCT to do what the driver wants it to do, when the driver wants it to do it?!?!?!?! The only things the DriveLogic should do are prevent from accidental over-revving, prevent stalling at a stop, and blip the throttle for rev matching upon downshifts. That's it. Why does it have to be so f*cking complicated?
Agree. It really only needs to have two S modes and two D modes. That's basically what the non-M BMWs with DCT have. Drivelogic might not have anything to do with the buggy parts of the software that cause the lag, but on the other hand it really can't help to have so much needless complexity in the system. At the very least it makes testing fixes much more involved.
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