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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
In any case, why would you want to go faster than 168mph?
+1. I like to drive fast too, but 168 is already crazy fast. Plus don't think the car has much more than that anyway. Not to mention rpm are already on the stratosphere there. To each his own though. I still have to go past 120 on my M3. We used to have an 'unofficial track' around here with 60 miles of perfect asphalt, deserted, and flat as a pancake with miles of visibility, but ICE now constantly patrols the place and now put lines with 'speed monitored by aircraft', so I haven't been back. I'd have to go past 20 or 30 miles to be safe again. Might do that next winter, so I don't have to wash the darn car after that . But just momentarily, as always. No need to do more than 120 sustained IMO, especially with the engine already screaming, getting the mileage of a tank . Good day folks.