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Originally Posted by powertrip View Post
Yeah, I'm running HFC's & x-pipe, and I'm considering the Sport system.
It's funny you mention this. Remus actually changed the nomenclature on their exhaust systems. Now, it is US or Euro version with the Euro versions being on the more conservative side.

Originally Posted by powertrip View Post
I've heard that the Race drones pretty bad; does the Sport drone as well? If that's the case I'll probably go a different route .
The Race exhaust is known to drone because how the muffler itself is designed. The Sport is reduced, but it's still not zero drone.

Originally Posted by powertrip View Post
Yikes, that could get annoying . I'll bet it would be even worse because of my HFC's...
HFCs would definitely change the resonance in the cabin. A few of our customers have installed the Fabspeed HFCs and it did increase the amount of drone.

The Sport exhaust system is actually quite subtle without the HFCs. I haven't heard both of them together though.