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Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
It varies by gas stations. I would rather have my car towed than fill up at some of the gas stations here if I ran out of gas. The Shell in Durant is extremely sketchy, so I usually go to Exxon or Wal mart. How's wal mart gas? lol
I only fill up with Costco, Sam's, Shell, and Walmart.

I just feel comfortable with those brands.

And you're right, it may not be such a good idea to go to those 'rinky dinky' gas stations in the middle of nowhere. No telling what they do.

Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
The gasoline is generally the same. A 93 octane from Shell could come from the same refinery/tank farm as the 93 Octane from Exxon across the street. The difference, as BCA mentioned, is the proprietary additive that they inject. They inject it at the truck rack as the truck is filling its tank. Most of these additives have the same properties, just with slightly different ratios of chemicals.

So, not to knock truckers, but any time a trucker pulls in to fill up there tanker, there are a number of quality control measures that they are expected to take. When they take them, you're generally guaranteed a good product. When they don't, its hit or miss. Some are expected to do some pretty complicated math to get the ratios right (generally for ethanol blending). There a lot of little things that can go wrong, and unfortunately you don't usually find out until its already offloaded in to storage at a station and delivered to a customer, regardless of whether its from Costco or Shell.

As for Ethanol... yeah, I'm not a fan either.

Um, saw a Jet Black E92 this morning. It was in my garage. /endthreadjack.
Well said, Ben. I was unaware of all that information.

Originally Posted by Blake View Post
i wrote a good bit about gas/gas quality a while back.
Oh yeah, I remember that.

(was that the thread where you said, "oh lawd!"

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wasn't me, as I'm out of town again
awh, pooowhee.