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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post

Want it or not, people never got older and in good shape as today.

Do you have any idea in how many toxic products just alcohol disintegrate itself in the body? Body handles it very well, thank you.

As about every food, there is no problem as long that there is no abuse. don't be so scared to be scared ... for a *non issue*.
I can't even make out what you're saying. I think you're attempting to rationalize the usage of a toxic substance by reverting to the it's safe because I've been told it's safe but I've never truly looked into it. I just believe what I'm told.

The longevity argument is a joke because of improved hygiene in modern society and emergency medicine has lead to improved life expectancy in developed countries. That argument is going really take a dive when the current generation of children or the next generation dies earlier than their parents due to the unprecedented number of environmental toxins that children have to deal with and the inability of parents to explain how to their children how to take care of themselves because of the convenience society we have established. If you think people are in "good" shape, take a trip to the US and see how many people are in good shape. Visit the deep south and see what body composition is all about.

As far as negative results occurring due to abuse of aspartame, the study shows intake at less than daily allowable recommended dosages still produces potential multi-carcinogenic effects. So it's not abuse, but rather USE that is the issue. If you watch "Sweet Misery" and still use Aspartame, I don't know what else to say other than good luck.