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Originally Posted by Procureur
Sorry just kind of shocking. To each their own, I guess. Personally, if that happened to me my parents would probably never speak to me for the rest of my life, let alone get me any new car.

I'm 22, btw, and just graduated University so my parents were nice enough to get me an amazing car to start life in the workforce with. I wouldn't say I deserve this car, because while I worked hard for what I got, there are plenty of other less fortunate people working their way through school the same way as myself who didn't have either generous parents or parents with means to afford such a gift.

One of the things my parents told me when I got the car was to be careful with it, because if something happens to it then I'll be driving an Echo, which is probably all my budget for the next 3-5 years will allow me to afford.

But hey, once again, to each his own. Awesome for you, the 3 is an amazing car. I'm glad you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine, but I hope in the first place that you learned your lesson.
i understand...well maybe if it will bring things more into perspective...its important to note that the m45 was under a lease. So after i totaled it, my parents only ended up paying 1000 dollars deductable and then whiping their hands of the matter.

They were actually kind of relieved since the lease on the m45 was higher than the 325i, and they were glad that the lease was terminated. Now, they pay less expensive monthly payments and a less expensive insurance bill than with the infiniti.