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Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
The red dot IMO is good for medium range battles, in case you want to be sure about your shot. I just hate the fact that in this game, just because your sight is over an enemy, doesn't mean your bullet travels in that direction. That's probably the only thing I miss about MW2.

I don't use the GL that much. I'd rather use the smoke grenade to get some cover, especially on rush maps.

I don't use the guided missile either. It is convenient at times, but I'd rather tag a vehicle w/ the tracer dart. Then I just hide behind cover and my RPGs become javelins. This is because you can lock into vehicles even if you are facing a wall - just fire upwards once you're locked in.
Yeah, I know what you mean. Especially when their running you have to time the distance of where you shot and where they will be running. What bugs me the most is when you get someone down to like 7% 5% or even 1% health and they kill you. Had this one dude at 0% and he was still alive :/.

The smoke launcher especially helps when your arming the mcom. Gives more than enough smoke for cover.

I don't really play engineer that much, mostly just assault. I did use the tracers just to get the badge for 100 plants lol. Luckily you get good points for planting them and more if someone destroys them.