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Originally Posted by snawaz View Post
You sing from the same hymn sheet that often that its getting boring. Where do you get this propaganda from? Is it faxed to you via Israel? Keep the pretence up as long as you will, the truth will eventually prevail. As we muslims believe you are only in Palestine by the will of God, not by your might as you believe.

Undoubtedly the Jewish people have been through lots of trials and tribulations at the hands of others, but never at the hands of the muslims until after 1948. We lived in peace for centuries with the Jewish people, who were allowed to freely practice their religion without fear. You use the holocaust in justifying your existence but in turn create a whole new holocaust for a new set of people. This is your history, you are a people that forget very easily the favours that were bestowed upon them.
What propaganda are you speaking of? Did the Roman, Macedonians, Persians, etc... not rule the area at one time?

Are you claiming that once a land is ruled by Muslims, it can never be ruled by any others?

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